Family Law Attorney in Media, Pennsylvania

A Family Law Attorney Who Will Treat You Like Family

Most of us start our lives thinking that we will have it all – a loving spouse, great kids, and the means to support that family well. Unfortunately, in a country that has a high divorce rate, things don’t always work the way we planned them. If you find yourself struggling with issues of separation, divorce, custody, and support, you are not alone. I am attorney Jacquie Jones in Media, Pennsylvania, and I am ready to guide you through the legal processes.

I often represent clients with high assets to divide and complex divorces on the horizon. I represent business owners, high-earning professionals, and spouses of high-wage earners. Don’t try to go it alone as you approach this life-changing event. I am here to provide clear guidance and direction based on years of experience practicing family law in Delaware County. Call Jones & Associates Law, P.C., and my staff and I will do our best to set your mind at ease. I will explain how to protect your children and represent you as child support and custody are being decided. I can also advise you on Protection From Abuse (PFA) issues and other child-related concerns.

What Will Child Custody Look Like In Your Family?

If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have children together, your family is not ending. It will go on in a different form. I am fiercely protective of my clients’ parent-child relationships. Past clients’ children sometimes call me Aunt Jacquie because they remember me as a positive force in their lives during a time of change in the family.

When dealing with child custody, seek an experienced attorney. I will work with you to provide the best results for your children. If you need help formulating a custody plan, talk to me. Perhaps you are frustrated by problems with Christmas visits or need a strategy for stress-free holidays. Don’t despair; we have helped many clients find the answers. Maybe you have a complicated issue and need DNA testing. I can help you resolve your case expeditiously.

Ensure A Fair Child Support Arrangement

Child support cases can be complicated by issues regarding custody, jobs, unemployment, and sometimes even DNA. You may find yourself fighting because there’s a question of paternity or because the other parent refuses to work.

No matter what challenges you face regarding child support, you need an experienced attorney who will put your children’s well-being first.

Family Matters Require a Compassionate Advocate

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Will Alimony Or Spousal Support Apply In Your Case?

Divorce can also lead to huge financial problems when one spouse has been dependent on the other. Do you own a business or operate a medical clinic or another professional practice – or does your spouse have such a career? Without a skilled family law attorney, you may find yourself struggling financially, regardless of which side of the equation you are on. I recommend that you contact me as soon as you suspect that divorce is on the way. The advice I have to offer may help save your financial future as well as that of your business or professional practice.

Because life can be messy and complicated, I am prepared to work with you on the intersection of your issues. I offer both comprehensive and à la carte services on an ongoing or one-time basis.

I regularly handle multiple family law matters, including:

  • Divorce and legal separation

  • Contested, complex, or high-asset divorce

  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

  • Property division and debt distribution in divorce

  • Child support and spousal support

  • Paternity and adoption

  • Enforcement and modifications of court orders

  • Custody and visitation (parenting plans; parenting time)

  • PFA and Children and Youth Services (CYS) cases

You should not have to wonder whether your friendly divorce might become a battle for custody, spousal support, and child support. I am passionate about protecting my clients’ rights and interests.

Protect Your Assets And Parent-Child Relationships

Schedule a consultation today. I hope to hear from you if you are facing a family law matter such as those listed above. Call or send an email inquiry to get the conversation started.