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How Will Your Business Or Complex Assets Be Divided In Divorce?

If your asset portfolio is complex, you may naturally worry that your divorce will be complex as well. You may have extensive investments and assets that will be liquid or payable in the future, such as commissions and civil litigation proceeds. I am divorce law attorney Jacquie Jones, and I have the experience and skills to help you protect your rights and future as you move toward the finalization of your Pennsylvania divorce.

I am ready to give you the advice and advocacy that you need to safeguard what should be yours. I have many satisfied past clients, and I was selected for inclusion in Pennsylvania Super Lawyers’ Rising Stars for multiple years.

You Need Skill, Passion, and Integrity In Your Corner

You may worry about the effect of your divorce on your business or professional practice. You may wonder how property division can be handled efficiently without jeopardizing your financial future. You or your spouse may have investment real estate, stocks, and bonds, or high-value collectibles. Contact my law office for counsel regarding any such concerns. Let me advise you if your marital portfolio includes complex assets such as the following:

  • Retirement accounts, such as 401(k)s and annuities

  • Stocks and bonds

  • Silver or gold bars, Bitcoin or other alternative currency accounts

  • Real estate

  • Jewelry and collectibles

  • Business interests

  • Executive compensation

Complex Issues Require Experienced Advocacy

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If your spouse has hidden or squandered marital assets, I can help uncover evidence of those assets with the help of a forensic accountant. Whatever complexities are involved in the distribution of assets in your divorce, I am ready to help protect your interests when Jones & Associates Law, P.C., is your family law firm.

I Bring A Combination Of Compassion And The Will To Fight

I understand your predicament if you have been a dependent spouse in a high-asset marriage. Likewise, I understand that you may feel your finances are at risk if you have been the higher-earning spouse. I urge you to work with a lawyer who is passionate about helping people as well as skilled at keeping a complex divorce on track for a timely, fair settlement. If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement in negotiations or mediation, I can represent you vigorously in divorce court.

Learn more about how my Media, Pennsylvania, law firm can help you hold on to the hope of a stable future once again. Call or send an email. I care about my clients.