Custody Arrangements for Summers and Holidays

By Jones & Associates Law P.C.

Parents who are divorced must address child custody arrangements. During the school year, this can be easier to plan because the child usually has a set schedule. It may be necessary for the parents to schedule summer and holiday activities differently.

Summer and Holiday Visits

The court order will outline the custody agreement during the summer and on holidays. Summer holidays may give the noncustodial parent an opportunity to spend a longer time with the child. This may be for a few weeks or for the whole time the child is out of school. Some parents may decide to alternate summer breaks with the child.

Holidays may include Thanksgiving and Christmas, for example, as well as other religious or culturally significant days. Parents can decide which holidays they will spend with the child and keep them the same each year, or they may alternate.

If the parents do not live close to each other, they will also need to address travel arrangements.

How the Court Decides

When the court decides summer and holiday schedules, it looks at the best interest of the child. Its goal is to ensure the child has quality time with each parent.

The court will consider the child’s age, the child’s relationship with each parent, and if the child is old enough to decide, will take their opinion into consideration. The court may also review the parents’ work schedules to determine if the parents will be available to spend time with the child during the visitation.

It’s helpful for the parents to be cooperative and flexible with scheduling.