Don’t Get It Twisted, Women Can Get It Too!-By TINU

By Jones & Associates Law P.C.

So Solange just hauls off and starts punching, kicking, and presumably cursing at Jay Z.  Though speculation exists as to why Solange was so enraged, the very real fact remains….  she put her hands on Jay Z.   The law calls that, assault and battery.  Though Jay Z is bigger and perhaps stronger thus Solange may not have posed a credible threat, she still assaulted Jay Z.  Many women feel that they can hit a man without consequence. Because he is stronger he can take a punch, and it would be cowardly of him to hit her back.  Au contraire mon cheri, men do fight back now-a-days and it is called a PFA (Protection From Abuse) order.

Women, you can get it too!!!  Men can successfully get an obsessed ex-girlfriend, baby mama, or wife out of their life with a PFA.  Protection From Abuse orders are reserved for individuals who are family members, household members, sexual or intimate partners, or persons who have a child in common.  A PFA prevents a person from having direct and indirect contact with the individual who sought the protection.  Thus, a person can not have their cousin, aunt, or friend attempt to contact their ex.  That too will get them arrested.  Here’s the kicker that most people, typically women, fail to realize.  If the person you have a PFA against can not contact you, you can NOT contact them.  It is quite possible to be in violation (contempt) of your own PFA.  Therefore, don’t get too cocky.