By Jones & Associates Law P.C.

I spent some time meeting with a friend today talking about a book that he is working on about Entrepreneurs.  I also spent some time talking to another Entrepreneur yesterday about the skills needed to successfully maintain a business.  Then, as I was fiddling with the radio today, I heard the early strains of Miley Cyrus’ song, “The Climb.”  The words remind us that there will always be another mountain to climb. Entrepreneurs must be a brave sort.  They have to understand that there will always be new and different challenges.  Sometimes they will lose, but without those losses, they can never experience the big wins.  However, one of the most important things about being an Entrepreneur is setting winning goals.  A good lawyer will help you. My clients have learned that I don’t just do what they ask for, I get to the root of their true goals.  If you ask for help forming a corporation, I will also counsel you about other business entities.  If you ask about financing, I will ask about your business plan.  If you are a client of Jones & Associates, you can expect that we will think about your big picture- your climb.  As the song says, sometimes you will lose, but with proper planning, you will win more than you will lose.