Helping You Establish and Modify a Child Support Order

By Jones & Associates Law P.C.

Finances impact our lives on a daily basis. Whether it is to purchase a home, get married, move, have another child or even file for divorce, income and monetary reserves plays a major role in these decisions. The same goes for raising a child. Many costs are associated with children, making it a focal point in many family law matters.

Establishing Child Support

At Jones & Associates, P.C., our law firm understands that child support can be a difficult and contentious matter, even for those who are wealthy. Therefore, our skilled attorneys are equipped to handle the most complex and emotional child support matters.

When establishing child support, various factors impact the amount and how frequently child supports will be made. The child custody order plays a role when arriving at the percentage of the payer parent’s income that will be paid to the other parent. Additionally, factors such as the needs of the child, jobs and unemployment could impact the amount paid.

Modifying Child Support

For some, a child support order will remain relevant until the child reaches the age of majority. Others may seek a modification of the current support order due to a substantial change in circumstances. This could be related to an increase in income, a job loss, decrease in pay, receiving a substantial inheritance or the increased financial needs of the child.

Whether you seek to establish child support or modify a current support order, it is important that you understand your legal rights and options as a parent. Having a legal team on your side will help ensure your rights are protected and the most optimal outcomes occur.