How Can Divorcees Reduce the January Divorce Blues?

By Jones & Associates Law P.C.

For many divorcees, January marks the month that their divorce saga began. Indeed, January is known as divorce month because it has historically been the month where the most divorce petitions are filed throughout the United States. This means that, for many divorcees, January is a sad month that brings the January blues, especially for parents.

Divorcees without Children

For divorcees without children, the focus of eliminating those January blues should be on themselves. Think about this month, not as the end of a marriage, but as the beginning of one’s new life. Do not internalize those by-gone conflicts, and rest assured in one’s good fortune after a great holiday season.

Divorcees with Children

For those Pennsylvania divorcees with children though, those children can be the biggest motivator for a good divorce. This is because, when children are involved, they should be put first, and co-parenting forces the couple to take responsibly and put in the work, post-marriage. Why? Because every parent owes it to their children to make them the priority in their life and not become collateral divorce damage.

Focus on The Children

Having children to focus one’s attention on during the January blues can be a life saver, but it can also be a time to really focus on the children. First, since the child is now likely a professional traveler between two homes, make sure they have never to pack. The parents should talk about what is meaningful to their child and ensure those items are at both homes. Ensure both homes have the furniture, photos and keepsakes that make both homes feel like a home. Do not make them feel like moving between the two homes is leaving a home. It should simply be moving rooms in a home.

Good Post-Divorce Behaviors

Be sure to minimize the gaps between parenting times and show a united front for the children. This means making sure that, as much as possible, holidays should be shared and both parents should attend their children’s activities, like sporting events. Sit together. It may not be entirely comfortable, but showing a united front is important to the children.

For our Media, Pennsylvania, readers, this month can be hard, and that is okay. Focus on what is good and putting one’s children first, and before we know it, it will be time to start planning our summer activities.