Just Another Manic Monday

By Jones & Associates Law P.C.

Do you remember that song from the 80’s- Just Another Manic Monday?  Well, it is one of those for me.  I have been traveling across Delaware County trying to make the world a better place and next I have to go to the Elementary School to do crafts with my first grader.  I wish I could just breathe. We are still here in the office on Mondays, but it is probably the worst day for you to call if you need answers.  What do we suggest?  Well, that’s simple, call whenever you need help, but if you really want to talk to Jacquie, try to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday.  We try to handle all weekend emergencies on Monday so that leaves little time for thoughtful reflection.  If you want to kick around some ideas about your case, schedule a phone appointment for later in the week. We love hearing from our clients and look forward to hearing from you.  Happy Valentine’s Day!