Parent’s Day! Why Co-Parenting Really Matters. the Voice of The Youth! – Sierra Walker

By Jones & Associates Law P.C.

July 23rd is Parent’s Day! Hello, I’m Sierra Walker, An intern at Jones and Associates Law, and today I will touch on the importance of having both parents in the picture. Actions can be taken to make sure that a child feels equally supported by both parents, even if there was a split in the family. My parent’s split after 20 years together back when I was in 8th grade. Like most in the situation that I was in, I was afraid that I wouldn’t see my father as much as I’m used to. Even though my father doesn’t wake me up everyday like back in grade school, we are still just as close as we were. My mother and father made it clear that they are both here to support and love me so I never felt like I had to pick a side. Within custody battles as a parent, it’s important to be civil and remember that the most important person in this battle is the child, the person you both are fighting for.

(Picture1: Dad and I, Picture 2: Mom and I) ​ If you are a parent, on this years Parent’s Day strive to embrace the title of a “parent” and celebrate yourself. Plan to make memories and show appreciation for all members of your family no matter how dysfunctional it may be. If you are a child, on this years Parent’s Day be sure to celebrate your parents and all that they do for you. Expressing your appreciation for your parents is the greatest gift that can be given. ​ Connect: Twitter Instagram Facebook