Preparing for The Holiday Season

By Jones & Associates Law P.C.

I love the holidays.  I love the smells, the snacks, the time with family.  What I don’t love is the hustle and bustle, the over-spending, and the many people who forget that the season is about love.  This Holiday season, I challenge everyone to really think about who they love and how best to protect those people.  One of the best ways to have piece of mind is by engaging in thoughtful estate planning. You will notice that I did not, “Get a Will.”  Wills are great tools, but they do not encompass all that Estate Planning does.  A Will may make you feel good that your “evil” ex-spouse won’t inherit your money, but it may not fully address how your want your child’s money to be handled if something were to happen to you.  A Will may say who gets your favorite collection when you pass on, but it doesn’t address health care issues if you are in a coma.  In short, a Will is only one part of a comprehensive plan. So, this Holiday season, think of your loved ones and plan for their future. Best wishes, Jacquie