Stop Being a Mitch

By Jones & Associates Law P.C.

“He’s a Mitch!,” said in a Kevin Hart voice and I knew exactly what he meant. You see, I am a reluctant fan of “The Real Husbands.” I hate the idea of reality shows, but a comedian making a fake reality show just tickles my funny bone. Kevin Hart, the show’s creator, has a term for men called “Mitch.” It is the male version of another not so nice word. Essentially, he uses this word to describe men who show a little too much emotion. It goes along with another popular phrase, “Man up.” Well, as someone who has spent considerable time representing men in family matters, I can tell you that Kevin Hart may think a lot of my clients are Mitches. However, the truth is just that men love their families just as much as women. Unfortunately, many of them have been sold a bill of goods and think that they can’t get primary custody or child support when they deserve it. Society has changed, and men can, and should, be active participants in their children’s’ lives. Fighting for custody does not make you a Mitch. In my book, it makes you a good dad. So for all the men who let me be their court room gladiator, thank you for not being afraid to be called a Mitch. Thank you for standing up for your family.