By Jones & Associates Law P.C.

If you’re reading this blog post, then you’re probably expecting your divorce to be highly contentious. Although that may lead you to believe that you’re destined for a courtroom battle, that may not necessarily be the case.

Preparing to Negotiate Your Divorce Settlement

In fact, the vast majority of divorce cases, even those that are hotly contested, end up settling before heading to trial. But, as you prepare to head into settlement negotiations, you need to develop a legal strategy that works for you. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Think about what you absolutely need post-divorce. Is it somewhere to live? Something to drive? A certain amount of income to ensure that you can pay your bills and maintain your standard of living? The answers to these questions will help set the parameters of your negotiations.

  • Consider what your spouse needs and wants out of the divorce. If you can figure out what his or her strategy is going to be, then you can figure out how to leverage that to your advantage.

  • Analyze the evidence that you have at your disposal. This may include the extent of the marital assets, any sacrifices that you made during your marriage, and how you’re suited to best protect your children’s best interests.

  • Know when to walk away. Although a lot of divorce cases settle, yours doesn’t have to. So, carefully think about where you’re tipping point is and hold firm to ensure that you’re not tricked into a settlement that doesn’t work for you.

Prepare the Thorough Arguments that You Need in Your Divorce Case

There are a lot of legal issues at play in a divorce, especially when it involves extensive assets. And if you anticipate your marriage dissolution to be contested, then you need to make sure that you have the best, most well thought out arguments possible under the circumstances.

If you’d like assistance in crafting the legal strategy that will best position you for success, then consider discussing your situation with a legal team that is dedicated to positive results in these sorts of cases.