We Don’t Really Care About Girls: Rape One for Free (Rant)

By Jones & Associates Law P.C.

Hello, I’m Jacquie Jones of Jones and Associates Law PC and the Jonesing 4 Justice podcast. And I know you can probably hear a lot about, so I have noise and I’m sorry for that, but that’s because I am working outside. Well it is a late evening. I’ve been at a full day at work and today I want to talk about some interesting topics and as you can tell by the title is pretty provocative. Um, basically we don’t care about girls, um, how you can rape one for free and get away with it essentially. Um, I know that’s a horrible topic, but it’s , it’s horrible because it makes me very, very angry. I mean, in my head I keep hearing Michael Jackson singing over in a loop. All I have to say is that they don’t really care about us. So why does this come up? Well, the news has been talking about the school bus driver who raped a 14 year old girl but got no jail time.

And yes, it’s safe to say he raped her because he was convicted. Um, and it is appalling. I mean, we’ve heard about these rapists. You get away with it like Brock Turner and all these other people who get very short sentences. But this new spate of cases is appalling to me because you think after the outcry from these other ones that they would have learned their lessons. But apparently judges never learned , or they just don’t care. I guess that’s why it’s really important that when we look at judges, but we picked someone more than just a political shill or someone who says, I want to be a judge. I have opinions. Well anyway, so we’re looking at this upstate New York school bus driver and I’m looking over at this case and he pled guilty to raping the 14 year old girl who was on his bus route.

Now I have 15 and 16 year old girls. So obviously not too long ago at 14 year olds and they were taken buses. In fact, one of them was leaving out the house like six o’clock in the morning and going with the bus driver to a private school when she was going there was pretty far away. Um, and the idea that my child’s not safe with the people who are supposed to get them to and from school- Disgusting, terrifying. And even as a criminal defense attorney, really, really indefensible. So the judge said that Shane Piche , P I c h e was 25 years old, was sentenced to 10 years probation unless register as a sex offender, but not even forever. Um, but he escaped jail time because he had no previous arrests. That’s right. And I had been arrested. Means that you can go ahead and rate the 14 year old, taken away something and she can never get back her innocence, her childhood.

: And it’s okay because, well, you didn’t rape anyone else before. Now imagine that. I mean, we’re so hard on things. I drugs you didn’t sell drugs before, but we’ll throw you in jail for it. Oh, well you won’t get to murder one person for free. How about that No. How about you rob one store for free- No jail time. No, but apparently raping little girls. Um, that’s perfectly appropriate and perfectly okay. Sickening. The judge, James P McCleskey said probation was an appropriate sentence because peach had no prior arrests and only had one victim. Like I said, you can rape just one girl and not go to jail. That’s some old bs. So , he pled guilty to third degree rape and he met the girl when he was on his job as a bus driver. And, and it’s funny how, because they said he had sex with her in his apartment.

: He didn’t have sex with her. He raped her. She’s 14. It’s not sex. It’s rape. Let’s stop making it seem like it was some kind of choice. Now that already happened. And then I’m scrolling through the news and I see another one where a man avoids prison time for holding a teenage girls is sexual captive in a dog cage. A dog cage. Now the thing that’s interesting about that, this man is from Gwinnett county in Georgia. Um, which I know kind of well since my sister lives in Gwinnett. Hey! and he’s a 33 year old man. And Michael Wysolovski He was also sentenced to 10 years probation. I mean, what is it about ten years? Well, we just keep you on probation for 10 years. The fact that you have assaulted teenage girls, well that should all just go away. Ridiculous. And he pled .

: He did eight months of jail time after pleading guilty. Thursday to third degrees, excuse me, first degree cruelty to children and interstate interference with custody. So here’s the deal, he’s getting 8, and he’s getting the credit for the eight months he spent in detention. Basically probably couldn’t pay his bail. That’s why he did the eight months and, but he’s not going to go away to state prison and that means he’s not going to do any additional time. The rest of his nine years and four months, he will have to register sex offender for life. But the rest of his nine years and four months on probation, unless he gets in trouble. Now here’s the deal. He was arrested in 2017 after North Carolina police found, well, Georgia police found the 17 year old girl from North Carolina who he had in his home. Now, here’s the deal, the deal, they met in an online forum and she apparently was not happy.

Um, and he decided that the 15 year old who was unhappy should come and meet with him and she did. So she ends up, um, he picked her up when she was 16 on an interstate near Charlotte, which is near where she lived, takes her to Georgia. And they’re saying basically he can’t be charged with child molestation because the age of consent is 16 in Georgia. Here’s the ridiculousness about that. What is the age of consent in the place where he took her. Because if you take a child across state lines for purposes of immoral moral activity or sexual purposes or something like that, you don’t get to say, well imagine this Utah, the state of good age, consent may be 13. I’m not saying it is, but let’s say it’s 13 someone takes my child from Pennsylvania who is a 13 year old and then takes her to Utah and to have sex with her.

Do you think they shouldn’t suffer for what they did, which is basically kidnapped the child of the state of Pennsylvania to take her to do something that would be illegal in our state because it’s legal there. That’s some old BS too. Now the girl is named, obviously she’s sexual assault victim, but she agreed to enter into a consensual relationship and 16 year olds do that. Like that’s not surprising, shouldn’t to clear the screen. 16 year olds do that. But the problem is is that after awhile she had issues because he would refuse to acknowledge when she said he was using excessive force, they had safe words. She didn’t have glance to see. He didn’t you know, acknowledge the safe words. So basically he decided that because she consented once, she was consenting again and again and again. Even when she made it clear that she was no longer consenting and obviously when he no longer, when she know her consented, he decided to do other things like using food to punish her. R. Kelly anyone? And because the girl was anorexic, he would say, you know, he, he control her own food and forced her to perform sexual acts in exchange for allowing her to eat. Um, he was originally charged with rape, aggravated sodomy, first degree cruelty to children and interstate inference with custody. Um, but the rape and the aggravated sodomy charges were dropped in the plea deal,

The family, however, did prioritize that he register as a sex offender, which I guess is important, but that doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean, he didn’t get bond. That’s why he did any jail time at all, because maybe 10 years (probation) would’ve been enough with no jail time again, because we all know that you can rape one girl for free, right Isn’t that we’ve learned today’s podcast rape one girl for free. Awful. Now, the other thing is, is that during the victim impact statement, the girl’s father said she was found mal nourished with ringworm and suffering from that back problem s because she had been repeatedly held in a dog cage. That the psychological damage that he damaged that he inflicted was beyond imagination. And it sounds beyond imagination. So I guess what I’m trying to figure out is, is that what part of the game was that?

When did it become okay for judges to say that even in horrific cases involving teenage girls who have been sexually assaulted, that is okay not to give jail time to perpetrators. Perpetrators who admit admitted their crimes, copper traders who were caught in the act perpetrators who have done horrific and an unspeakable things to children. We need to stop sexualizing girls into women and saying that because they are interested or they’re pretty or they look old or whatever it is, that they’re not capable of being raped or that they’re not capable of being, um, harmed. And we need to also stop saying that boys, will be boys and that they should get a free pass. If it’s your child that’s harmed, do you think the perpetrator is entitled to a Free Pass? I know, I don’t. I know that, um, these cases might have been different had it been my 15 or 16 year olds at those ages. Cause I think in the question would have the, the title would’ve been lawyer indicted for murder and something along the lines of should, should this lawyer be convicted after killing the person who raped and held her daughter captive.  So you let me know what you think. I definitely know what I think and I have no problem sharing it with you. But you tell me what you think about these type of issues, whether or not it’s okay to not get jail time in those situations. So again, I’m Jacquie Jones and have a great day.

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