What You Need for Your First Meeting to Open an Estate Administration

By Jones & Associates Law P.C.

List of Items Needed for Initial Conference:Estate Administration

Please bring as many of the following items that you can to our first meeting. This will help us to answeryour questions more precisely and get you started on the post-death administration process.

  1. Original Will, Codicils, Personal Property List, and/or Trust for the decedent and for thesurviving spouse, if any.

  2. Certified Death Certificates for the decedent and predeceased spouse, if any.

  3. Data needed for spouse, children, and all other beneficiaries: name, address and phone number,date of birth (and date of death, if predeceased), and social security number.

  4. Most recent statements for all accounts (checking, savings, investment, retirement, etc.) in thedecedent’s name or in joint names with anyone else.

  5. Original stock and bond certificates, including savings bonds in the decedent’s name or in jointnames with anyone else.

  6. Title for all automobiles.

  7. For all real estate: Deeds, Title Insurance Policy, most recent property tax statements, and certified appraisal (if available), homeowners insurance information.

  8. For all life insurance policies: Company name, address and phone number, and policy number for all policies insuring the life of the decedent, or policies owned by the decedent on the life of another person.

  9. Copy of the decedent's most recent Federal and State Income Tax Return, and copies of any GiftTax Returns filed by the decedent.

  10. If the decedent owned an interest in a partnership or unincorporated business, a statement of assets and liabilities for the date of death and for the last five (5) years, plus statements of netearnings for the same 5 years, or the contact information for the business’ accountant.

  11. Copies of all known debts owed by the decedent (credit card balances, car loans, mortgages, etc.),including outstanding amounts expended by family and friends for debts that should bereimbursed.

  12. Copies of all bills and receipts for any expenses relating to the administration expenses for theestate (funeral, luncheon, obituary, etc.), as well as information regarding amounts expended bythe family and friends for these type of expenses.

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