When Texts Become Evidence In Court

By Jones & Associates Law P.C.

“B!$&# f#*% You. You better get another PFA, because if you try some dumb shit you will regret it.” This was an actual text message sent to a client.  Now, my client sent back some equally harsh words, but at the end of the day, I found myself copying these words to present to a Judge.  That’s right, a Judge!  The  former couple were fighting over custody, child support, and ultimately Profection From Abuse.  Each was claiming to be the better parent and the best option, but the evidence we had to present to the presiding Judge showed hatefulness.  Can you imagine how mortified this young person must have felt when these words were read aloud in court?  Well, I don’t have to image because I see it every day. As an attorney, I do the best I can to reseearch the parties.  That research often shows deplorable Instagram or Facebook accounts.  There may be disgusting text messages that include threats of violence.  Ultimately, people are treating technology like it’s a secret diary.  It is not.  I urge you to think before you tweet, text, or post.  What you write may come back to bite you, and ruin your case.