Why You Absolutely Need a Custody Order

By Jones & Associates Law P.C.

Most people really like each other when they make children.  In fact, when the child is made, neither party could imagine the fight that could come later.  Even during the breakup, most people are sure that they will never be in a child custody fight.  Unfortunately, that is just not true. The purpose of a custody order is not prevent fights.  Most of the custody fights that I participate in come from differing expectations, not actual disagreements.  What does that mean?  Well, one parent wants to change the custody schedule because he/she has something planned for work and wants to use the money to buy a special Christmas present for the child.  The other parent may flash back to the broken marriage and believe that the other parent is ignoring the family just like he/she did during the marriage.  Communication is key, but a well written custody order is the frame that holds the door.  A custody order will not stop all problems, but is the framework for how problems should be solved.  Make sure to call your lawyer at the beginning of the breakup and consider an agreement that will be filed as an order of the court.  To schedule an appointment, call 610-874-1900 or email.